Crisp day on Mt Garfield

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A beautiful day for a hike. I met up with Ian and made our way up Mt Garfield. The skies could not have been more perfect.
A fantastic trip to a great summit.

A little after 8am and the Garfield lot on Gale River Road is already quite full
Autumn leaves are beginning to fall
The early leaves are falling brightening up the trail
A peek through the trees to the views to come
Ian taking a break to soak in the early views
We took the Garfield Trail up. This is the junction of the Garfield Trail and Garfield Ridge Trail, which also doubles as Appalachian Trail. Just a short steep climb to the summit
The clear skies make an excellent backdrop for the Franconia Ridge, all in view from the summit of Mt Garfield
A little boy takes his turn to feed the greedy gray jays
A woman from a large group also musters courage to feed a gray jay
Ian soaking in the warm sun and limitless views on a crisp day
Heading back down Garfield Trail, Ian slips into the tree cover
Back down low where the trail flattens out, it is decorated with the early fall color
Back to the lot, Ian careful not to slip on the leaf covered steps

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