Mt Tecumseh

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Will draft something a bit later…. The Super Bowl Champs got in the way.

A late start for me, the lots are quite full
A minor brook crossing at the start of the trail
Small ice flow on the side of the trail.
The lower section meanders through the woods on a mild grade
As you begin to ascend, a very short side step out to the slopes for a view
Looking out of the slope, the cloud ceiling allows for some distant mountain views
Was held up by a Waterville Valley board instructor taking 4 kids down the hiking trail
Once this trail starts climbing, it doesn’t seem to let up. Luckily it is only ~4000 feet.
The trail is wide in sections. You can see the snow and rime clinging to the trees a bit more as gain elevation
Happy to be out. I caught my head on a few of those low hanging, snow covered branches…right down back of my neck
A fork in the road. I was warned it was soft and holey to the right and left was the common solid way. I went right 😀
Peeking through to see many ranges
A couple soft steep sections to navigate. Hillsound Trail Pro’s were perfect, A duck walk, a side step, up and over
Trees open up a bit nearing the summit
Closing in on the summit, but not before this brief snow tunnel
Ahh, the summit lookout. The clouds masked 80% of the sun, but Washington, behind the Osceolas, seemed brighter than all the other summits.
The other way, can see the Tripyramids.
A small side lookout beneath the drooping boughs
The sun kept trying to poke through, but didn’t quite make it. Here you can see an AMC Boston crew in the background. They were about 10, but mindful and courteous
Leaving the summit on the Sosmon Trail leading to Narnia
I headed down Sosmon at the junction. I made it to the first couple lookouts, but the trail wasn’t very firm so I double backed.
But those look outs offered some nice views
Looking back at Tecumseh from the Sosmon lookout
Back on the Mt Tecumseh Trail, the footing and wide trail made for a quick descent. I didn’t bring a sled, next time.
A little brook running through a dip in the trail
Back on the lower section. Ahead was a very nice couple having a blast sledding down. I couldn’t help but smile as I could hear their laughter and giggling.
Back to the trail head. This was a really nice, low mileage out and back with a tiny loop up top
Working my way back to the car added another quarter mile

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