Presidential Traverse

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I was able to figure out a way to complete a traverse of the Presidential Range this past weekend. My goal was to accomplish it without requiring a car spot and turn it into a two day trip. Day one set up for the ride up and the traverse with day two being return trip to the car and ride home. This required me carrying a full pack, but I was able to reduce my pack weight to about 20lbs(with first water and food). It was a good test as I typically load up to 30lbs on previous overnights.
It worked out well with the only concern being a first come, first served camp at the Valley Way Tentsite. It was a busy weekend in the Whites and the tentsite was full, but I was lucky to find a sloping spot to hang my hammock that actually worked out best, tucked out of everyone’s way.
For those measuring trip times, I started the Webster Jackson trail head at 4:55am and reached Mt Webster summit at 6:17am. I reached the summit of Mt Madison, the end of the range at 4:41pm. This makes the total time, summit to summit, 10:24 to complete the traverse. I reached the tentsite at 5:47pm and slowly setup my camp for the night.
The return trip would take me down Valley Way to Appalachia trail head. From there, I began an epic road walk back to my car. I took the Presidential Rail Trail to Jefferson Notch Road. Then followed Jefferson Notch Road to junction of Base Station Road and picked up Mt Clinton Road back to Crawford Notch where I started my journey.

..more to come