Webster, Jackson, and Pierce

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From the trailhead looking into Crawford Notch
The trailhead sign needs some TLC
Not long after starting, side trail to Elephant Head. Definitely worth the .2mi out
From Elephant Head, looking down Rt 302 toward AMC Highland Center and Saco Pond
The trail up Webster Jackson is rocky and rooty.
Another side trail. This is much short and, again, worth the trip
View from Bugle Cliff, similar to the Elephant Head view but a bit higher
The split to go toward Jackson, which most do, or Webster, which will be me 🙂
A steep drop, maybe 100 yds reaches the stream bed, the first thing that catches your eye is the way out straight up the other side. It’s steep, but worth it
The sun was just coming over Silver Cascade. It was running high and the pool was glistening. A great morning
It was tough to get a shot without too much sun glare. In person, it was amazing
The route up Webster Branch is almost always wet, but that makes for lush moss and bare trees
Wet and roots, the trail follows hearty ledge nearly the entire route to the summit
The top of the Webster Branch, just around the bend is the summit
.1mi to the summit
From the summit, the views are amazing in all directions. Looking across the Crawford Notch at Mt Willey, Mt Field, and Mt Tom, and Mt Avalon in there too
In this view, can see the train trestle(left) and Mt Washington Hotel(top right)
Looking the other way, views to Signal Ridge and Mt Carrigain
Left to right, Mt Willey, Mt Field, Mt Tom across the top. In the shadow on the right is Mt Avalon
The ridge walk toward Mt Jackson is a nice stroll, albeit wet today
One of a couple steep pitches to get up Mt Jackson. They are not bad and have decent hand/foot holds
Topping out on Mt Jackson, the puffy white clouds add nice depth. Through the trees I can hear some chaos
There were about 45-50 people on the summit. There was a large group that spent the night at the hut as their annual ‘schools out’ retreat. Sounds like they had fun, but people and gear were everywhere.
I did chat with one kind person who wasn’t part of the big group but stayed at the hut also. She said was fun, high energy night.
She was working through the NH48 and 52WAV. She did offer some good tips on the Belknaps too, for which I am grateful
From Jackson looking up up the Presidentials. The white spec is the Mizpah AMC hut and my next stop. Beyond that, rises up to Mt Pierce, right of that Mt Eisenhower, Mt Monroe, and Mt Washington at the clouds.
After crossing a stretch of bog boards, looking back at Mt Jackson
From the bog, looking out over the Dry River Wilderness
Stopped to capture this little guy making his way out of the sun
At the Mizpah Cutoff junction, almost at the hut
The large Mizpah Hut
This is my first time stopping when it was open.
The welcoming staff and the smell of baked goods always draws me in
The corridor to the restroom and sleeping quarters.
One of the many bunk rooms
A few of the rooms had bunks 3 high
Leaving the hut toward Mt Pierce
The summit cairn on Mt Pierce
Mt Eisenhower and it’s bald summit rising up in the foreground
Continuing on to the junction of Crawford Path
Views from Crawford Path, which I contemplate continuing to Mt Eisenhower or drop back down. The clouds kept getting thicker and darker so I made the tough choice
Some of the upper parts of Crawford Path were a stream bed.
A kind memorial along the Crawford Path
Gibbs Falls sign post has seen better days
Gibbs was flowing nicely into the pool below.
Crawford Path plaque
AMC Mizpah signage
More Crawford Path signage a the trailhead
And finally the end of the line
A short road walk from where I popped out back to my car, closer to the notch
Stopped in on this little trail. Was always curious where this went.
The Saco Lake trail loops around the lake
It looks like that triangle stone shrunk a bit
Nice trail work on this short loop path
A view from the road I just walked
It skirts the lake
Strange feature.. let’s check it out
Tough view for the short steep climb
It does have hand rails though
A busy beaver has packed this one it
Lupine still in bloom
Lupine fill the field in from of the AMC Highland Center
Plenty of hikers out this morning. The end to a fun trek

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