Great Reason to Hit Welch Dickey Again

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Photos from an awesome day. Will write up a bit later.

Start of the loop
First glimpse of the large group of family and friends making way over the crossing
Julie and Joel enjoying the time out
Smiles for the camera
Julie ducking under
Selfie with Luke and Eli looking on
Tadah! Colin showing how to have fun
Luke and Lucas dealing with the black flies.
Reaching the first ledge
Approach to the popular viewing ledge
Pat pointing at something in the distance
Photo op for the father and son duo
Milling around for a break
Joel diggin out jerky treats with the first summit behind
Snacks and drinks before heading up
Colin and Reid showing the way
The slab steepens and the views continue
Views for miles
A bit of drama to brighten things up
Spring flowers in bloom
Squeezing through the cracks
Andrew and Lucas make their way up the wide open slab
Arranging for a group photo
Steve checking out the views while Colin continues over the crest
Eli and Steve coming over the ridge
Reid waiting on Julie
Too many views. The air was clear
Steve enjoying the Welch Mt summit views
Eli, king of the mountain
Celebratory summit photo
Colin found the prime seat for lunch
Marshall family shot
Reid sitting still just long enough for a photo
Colin and Eli taking it all in, with Andrew looking on
Joel and Andrew surveying the next summit
Julie scaling the steep ledge
Joel, the gentleman, lends a hand
Looking back at the amazing Welch Mt summit
The two older boys capture a nice shot of Joel and Reid
The group with the prior summit in view
The phenomenon of jumping on mountain
Joel pointing out some more views toward Cannon Mt
Views for days
Rest stop on the open ledge during the descent
Birthday boy and loving wife
The open ledges on the descent from Dickey Mt
Steve and Eli looking out over the drop
Coming down the sloping ledge
Reid eager to press on
Neat rock shelf just below the ledge
The green is filling in around Colin
The end is near
Back to the lot. The Park Service was proving great information today
Great food(pizza, subs, etc) at Tilton House Of Pizza (THOP), followed by a nice looking birthday cake.
Looking on as Joel blows out the big 4-0