Great views from Welch Dickey ledges

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Photo report of my trip up Welch Dickey

A late 10:30 start for me up Welch Dickey loop
Start off to the right toward Welch Mountain
The primary lot already full
The early part of the trail was wet with a few stretches of packed snow
A little mushy as the warmer weather prevails over the remaining snow
This was the only bog bridge along the route.
Babbling brook runs along the trail
A few blowdowns will need clearing but easily avoided
Another blowdown around a few large boulders
Vegetation protection
Approaching the first of the ledges. Can already see a few folks sprawled out
Trail trimmed to keep folks off the revegetation areas
About a dozen folks enjoying the overlook
Looking northeast down the RT 49 valley
Southeast from ledge, a group of ladies found a willing photographer
All those grey brown trees will be bloomin soon
Looking toward Welch Mountain summit
A cute shot of a mother and daughter sitting on the ledge
Climbing up the ledges in an out of the trees
Don’t forget to look back once in a while
A couple making their way up one of larger open ledges
Looking back while making way up the slab
Walk this way
Have to climb up in a couple spots
A short crawl between the ledge. The ice made it tricky
Out on the open ledge, nearing the summit
Following the yellow markings up the slanted ledges
Small hole the shape of a foot eroded into the granite

This is how ants see the great views
Looking northeast again. The ridge in the distance is so crisp
A bit of snow lingering around the summit
Looking across the bowl to the ledges, I’ll soon be walking down them
Glance across the col to Dickey Mountain summit
This took a bit of care to ski controlled down
Looks worse than it was. There were decent footing/steps down

Looking back up a curious span. Took some care coming down with the wet and ice and snow.
Giant cairn marks the bottom of the col between peaks
A wooded section on the col on the way to Dickey Mountain. The snow melt made it appear sloppy/dirty
Some moving water under the snow. Made certain to stay clear of those, don’t want to sink in
Right turn Clyde
Zigzagging up the ledge through some trees. Can see the snow/ice holding on in the shadows
Glancing back to see where I’ve been.
Zooming in to see the snow trail I boot skied down
A tiny rock pile on top of a cairn marking the way
On the descent crossing slabs with much snow melt. Just enough to coat the slab to make it slick for some shoes
Someone/something toppled this cairn, so I used the rubble for a lunch break
This was a very wide sloping slab. It was also quite wet. It was easily navigable but care taken for each step
Continuing down from Diickey Mountain there was plenty of slab heading toward the open ledges
The col looked deeper from up there
The open ledges coming off Dickey Mountain. Those women had a nice lunch seat
Walking down the ridge of the ledge
Looking back up, the ledge is impressive. It slopes right off
A fracture wall on the quiet descent
This side was much dryer through the bare trees. It felt more like fall than spring
A couple of pups greet me ahead of their owners
A large decaying tree pointing the way
Another decaying tree. The bark has literally fallen off and the trunk is brittle and flaking
Just about done the 4.4 miles
Bike trail to the right, parking lot to the left. Guess I’ll head to my car
Only a few snow/ice spots on the descent from Dickey
The lot is quite full now, filling the secondary lot

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