North Pack to Pack Monadnock

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After a change in plans to spend time with good friends, I got a late start and chose to stay semi-local.  A beautiful day doing an out and back from North Pack to Pack Monadnock.  A really nice trip on the Wapack trail.  The north face of each mountain had decent amount of ice flows requiring solid traction.  I used Hillsound Trail Pros which worked perfectly.

My phone died on the summit of Pack Monadnock.  I couldn’t get it stay on for about an hour so photos on the return are minimal, which was worked out to beat the sun.

There were a few folks on the trail and met a nice woman at the summit of North Pack on return trip.  She had some minor traction, Stabilicers, but they weren’t enough.  I offered and stayed with her for the trip down to ensure she made it safely.

As usual it was a great ~8 mile day on small summits.

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