Sandwich Dome, Not Winter Yet

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Few photos from trip up Noon, Jennings, and Sandwich mountains
Jumped up early Saturday to beat the impending storm. On trail in the dark and finished the loop by noon. We only saw one other on trail, she was a fast trail runner, came up behind us as we were descending from Sandwich Dome, then passed us on the descent of Drakes Brook Trail. Great to see snow on the ground and starting to fall.

Early start in the dark to beat a small snow storm
Above ~2400 feet elevation there was decent snow cover
We were just below the cloud ceiling
Kevin pausing for a moment
Clinging snow made for a beautiful scene
Looking across you can see the low cloud ceiling and fading snow line
Frosty snow clung heavy on the branches
Drakes Brook Trail junction on the way up
Ducking under a snow bridge
One of the higher lookout ledges. Either we ascended into the cloud or it began to drop
The clouds whipped by as the nor’easter winds swirled by
Color photo but the cold has stripped this down to near black and white
Kevin rounding the corner as the trail levels off
Summit of Sandwich Dome, a few photos and return back the way we came
Kevin caught me capturing a shot of him walking
Returning to Drakes Brook Trail for the descent
Babbling brook followed us nearly the whole way down
Beautiful cascades
Minor challenge to cross on Drakes Brook Trail near the bottom. We chose different paths
I chose a higher route to cross on Drakes Brook Trail. We both made it without getting wet.
Back to the lot just as the storm was starting to progress