White Mountain’s Presidential Traverse – 2018

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After adjusting days to accommodate the weather, we nailed the perfect day. 21 fantastic miles mostly above treeline. After a very early (on trail at 0415) start the day kept getting better and more beautiful. So many nice folks on trail. Caught the morning wake up song from the Madison Hut ‘croo’ at 0630. First summit just after 0700 on Mt Madison.
Might have had the best lunch spot of my entire hiking experience somewhere after Mt Jefferson. Enjoyed a bowl of tomato vegetable soup(love me some trail soup) at the Mt Washington snack bar.
Saw some beautiful flowers along the way.
We were able to summit Mt’s Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Clay, Washington, Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower, and finally Pierce before descending into the trees.
Amazing day.

Early start by headlamp
Making our way up Valley Way
The sun rising above Gordon Ridge
Peeking down to the fog covered valleys
Frost on the morning greens near the Madison Hut
Madison Hut croo member waking the residents with a soft wake up song
Many of the nights residents up for coffee before breakfast is served at the AMC Madison Hut
The Madison Hut croo moved the folks to set up breakfast
A loner enjoying the morning silence, reading a book in the early morning light
Rising up, our shadows still tall, checking out Mt Adams from Mt Madison
One of the large cairns on Mt Madison
Kevin documenting his presence on Mt Madison
Andy please to be up on one of the many new(to him) White Mountain summits
A rather large hare enjoying some greens…
… before hopping away
A bit of a grueling staircase up towards Airline Trail
The massive talus field leading to Mt Adams
Seemingly never ending climb to Mt Adams
An bluebird day up on Mt Adams
Proud to reach summit #2 for today, Kevin pleased reaching Mt Adams.
Mt Adams summit selfie, with future destination as backdrop
Andy enjoying his time atop Mt Adams
Making our way off the summit
The enormous cairn at Thunderstorm Junction at the base of Mt Adams summit cone
Kevin waiting at Thunderstorm Junction for directions
Working our way down the long trail from Thunderstorm Junction to Edmands Col
Marching along, making our way with careful steps
Andy and Kevin pausing for a photo op, looking back where we came from
What happens when you find snow in June?
Snowball Fight!
Andy and Kevin approaching a break in the climb towards Mt Jefferson
Continuing to climb up Mt Jefferson, looking back at Mt Adams
Reaching the small crowded summit of Mt Jefferson
Glad to be on Mt Jefferson on this beautiful day
Starting our descent off Mt Jefferson
A mighty fine lunch break spot. Well deserved.
Andy enjoying the 360 degree views from our lunch spot
June in the White Mountains means alpine flowers blooming
Atop Mt Clay, Kevin figures out our next move
Atop Mt Clay, Kevin figures out our next move
Brightly shining and holding strong, alpine flower in bloom
This one resembled a dogwood to me
A small cluster of dogwood-like flowers
Looking back at our 3 big summits we’ve completed thus far.
Andy resting a moment before continuing up Mt Washington
Crossing the Cog Railway, the Gulfside trail intersects on the way to Mt Washington
Kevin still smiling
The line at the Mt Washington summit sign. This is not the longest I’ve witnessed.
Sneaking my selfie with the Mt Washington summit sign
Apparently the pattern was not full as this glider did a flyby and buzzed the tower, just as we began our descent.
Looking ahead, a long way to go
Views for miles today
Thanks lady for turning to look at us stacked up behind you and then ‘not’ moving aside. Not a requirement, but would have been considerate
One of the few lakes near Lakes of the Clouds AMC hut
Perched below Mt Washington, this is a busy hut
Determining the right way, Kevin studies the route.
As we ascend Mt Monroe, looking back over AMC Lakes of the Clouds hut and Mt Washington.
Views every time I paused, nearing summit of Mt Monroe
Andy and Kevin reaching Mt Monroe summit
This is atop Mt Franklin, a side trip we made, a purposeful mistake
The next stop, looks far away, the rounded summit of Mt Eisenhower
Never noticed these before today, cotton sedge flowers
‘Superman’ takes a moment to study his GPS. This was one of couple good guys who we hiked with for a few miles.
Approaching Mt Eisenhower
A marshy bog near the base of Mt Eisenhower
The massive cairn on the rounded summit of Mt Eisenhower.
Alpine moss and other vegetation between Mt Eisenhower and Mt Pierce
More amazing alpine flowers in bloom
I think these are Rhodora ro some form of rhodadendron just before reaching the base of Mt Pierce
A field of cotton sedge, just amazing this time of year
A close up of the cotton sedge.
The final summit of our single day Presidential traverse, Mt Pierce
Returning on the spur from Mt Pierce, back on Crawford path
Finally in the woods on Crawford Path, the oldest continuously maintained trail in the USA.
The final trail sign at the parking lot at Mt Clinton Road
The final steps and Kevin is still smiling. Nicely done!